JULY 2024 
  Greetings to all my fellow ETRPC members. I hope this message finds everyone doing well.
We have some exciting things happening at ETRPC. We are finishing up on a new shooting bay up on the upper range. This will be Bay #12. This bay is intended for our members that want to shoot their shotguns with birdshot and or buckshot. We have constructed a special target stand for this bay that birdshot and buckshot should not destroy. Anyone wanting to shoot shotgun slugs should use Bay #7. Please pick up your shotgun shells after shooting and place them in provided trash containers. 
  Bay #12 will also be utilized for match competitions as needed. Bay #12 is located on the north end of the upper range on the east side of the shotgun range. The addition of Bay #12 is going to allow ETRPC to host a Tier II Steel Challenge Match in October this year. This is an exciting accomplishment for ETRPC. Our Steel Challenge Matches have been ranked in the Top Ten in the country. Holding a Tier II match could possibly bring in 200 to 300 shooters from all over the country. The Steel Challenge Team has done an excellent job in holding some of the best matches in the Texas and surrounding areas. Congratulations to them all. 
  Members have probably noticed the new Sponsorship/Advertising signs that have gone up on the range. We have implemented a Sponsorship Program as a way to generate additional income for the club. So far this has been very successful. If anyone knows of a company or organization that would be interested in being a club sponsor/advertiser have them contact the club office for more information. 
  Due to the recent heavy rain falls we have had, the lower ranges have been closed due to high water. We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused to those of you that love to shoot on the lower ranges. It looks like we are now quickly approaching the “dog days of summer” and now we will all have to deal with the excessive heat for a few months. I urge everyone visiting the range to stay hydrated. Bring plenty of water and take brakes more often to prevent heat exhaustion. We have implemented a misquote eradication program and will be spraying the lower ranges in an effort to minimize the discomfort of these annoying creatures while you are trying to enjoy your time on the ranges. 
  Our Range Safety Officers have just recently completed the National Rifle Association Range Safety Officer Certification class. They are trained to help keep all our members safe while shooting. This is our Number 1 priority at ETRPC. Please pay attention to the signage at all the shooting ranges. They are there to remind everyone about the range safety rules and emergency contact information if needed. 
  Until next month, enjoy your time at ETRPC and please have a safe and enjoyable time on the ranges. 
Tommie Deese 
ETRPC President