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Texas Guardians IDPA Match

ETRPC 1045 FM 2011, Longview

ETRPC is hosting our 1st sanctioned IDPA match.  Upper ranges will be closed from October 5th-8th to set up the match but the shotgun area will be available until Thursday when it will close until Sunday the 11th.  Competition will begin at 8:00 on Thursday, October 8 and end on Saturday, October 10.  This event is sold out and no ... Read More


Texas Guardians Match-Shooting Days

ETRPC 1045 FM 2011, Longview

After 3 days setting up the 10 stages; shooters start the competition Thursday, October 8 through Saturday October 10 at 8:00 AM each day.

Ken Brown-LTC

ETRPC Classroom 1045 FM 2011, Longivew

Ken Brown-LTC  Classroom from 8-12 and Range #6 from 12-2

Don Radcliffe LTC

ETRPC Range #6 1045 FM 2011, Longivew

Shooting portion of LTC class with Don Radcliffe on Range #6 from 9:30 AM-11:30 AM